Dunemarchers (Year 3)

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Dunemarchers (Year 3)
Dunemarchers (Year 3)
Year 3
Type Leg Armor
Class Titan
Level 40
Rarity Exotic
Defense 380
Discipline 47 - 79
Strength 47 - 79
Intellect 47 - 79
Acquired by Purchased from Xur
Vendor Xur
Cost 13 Strange Coins
Description Whether on solid rock or shifting sand dune, the inexorable Sand Eaters never slow their pace.
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Dunemarchers (Year 3) is a level 40 Exotic Titan Leg Armor. It can be Purchased from Xur for 13 Strange Coins.


Column 1

  • Speed Demon - Increased sprint speed, increased movement speed while aiming your weapon, and tighter turn radius while sprinting.
  • Infuse - Consume a more powerful piece of Armor to boost the Defense value of this Armor.
  • Twist Fate - Changes the stats and upgrades available on this Armor.

Column 2

Column 3

Column 4

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