Disciples of Crota (Grimoire Card)

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Disciples of Crota (Grimoire Card)
Disciples of Crota (Grimoire Card)
Category Activities
Subcategory The Dark Below
Acquired by Unlock Will of Crota quest
Grimoire Score 5
Description ““They are all here, on Earth, I can feel them. His Eyes, who watch our worlds for him; the Hand whose grasp on Earth must be unbound; the Heart who ceases at nothing to bring Crota back. And Omnigul, his vile Will, the keeper of the worms, the mother of his spawn.

“Find them, defeat them all—as long as even one of these monsters walks the Earth, the threat of Crota will never fade.” - Eris Morn

Disciples of Crota is a Grimoire Card in the Activities category and The Dark Below subcategory. It can be obtained after unlocking Will of Crota quest.

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