Attune Memory of Skorri

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Attune Memory of Skorri
Attune Memory of Skorri
Type Quest
Quest Type Rise of Iron Quest
Enemy Type  ??
Boss  ??
Tier 1 Level  ??
Previous  ??
Next  ??
Description "'Battle-bard,' Skorri liked to be called. Keeper of lore and singer of songs. Many nights we passed by the campfire listening to her voice." —Lord Saladin
Attune Memory of Skorri is a level 40 Rise of Iron Quest

Step 1: Still Among Us

Task: Attune the Artifact to the Iron Lords' ancient data troves by bringing it to the statues in the Iron Temple.

Quote: "The Iron Lords were generous with their technology, but they were cautious, too. Their data troves could only be accessed from within the Iron Temple." —Tyra Karn

Objective: Go to Old Russia, Earth.


Tips: Bring the Iron Lord Artifact to the corresponding statue in the Iron Temple.