Atheon's Epilogue (Year 3)

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Atheon's Epilogue (Year 3)
Atheon's Epilogue (Year 3)
Year 3
Type Auto Rifle
Slot Primary Weapon
Level  ??
Rarity Legendary
Damage Type Kinetic
Attack 365–400
Impact 2
Rate of Fire 100
Range 15–20
Stability 34–60
Reload 70–91
Magazine 60
Zoom 15–21
Recoil 56
Equip Speed 42–57
Aim Assist 82–87
Acquired by Vault of Glass (Age of Triumph)
Description "Atheon's story is still being written. The wielder holds the pen." - Unknown
See also: Atheon's Epilogue (Year 1)

Atheon's Epilogue (Year 3) is a level ?? Legendary Auto Rifle. It can be dropped from Vault of Glass (Age of Triumph).


Column 1

  • Oracle Disruptor - This weapon deals bonus damage to Oracles in the Vault of Glass.
  • Infuse - Consume a more powerful Weapon to boost the Attack value of this Weapon.

Column 2

  • Red Dot-ORS - Accurized sight. For precise fire.
  • TrueSight IS - Flexible sight. Light, with good recoil control. Strong target acquisition.
  • Ranged Lens RLS3 - Mid-range scope. Good effective range and recoil control. Heavy and slow.

Column 3

  • Persistence - This weapon grows more accurate the longer it is fired.

Column 4

Column 5

  • Glass Half Full - The bottom half of each magazine causes additional damage.

Tips and Tricks


  • Time-to-Kill: 0.87s (13 crit shots 1 body), 1.07s (17 body shots)
  • 15 damage per crit shot, 12 per body shot

Pros and Cons

  • Pros - High reload speed. Very high mag size and aim assist.
  • Neutral - None.
  • Cons - Very low range and stability. Low recoil direction.

Recommended Perks


One of the few Vault of Glass weapons that really doesn't live up to its potential, Atheon's Epilogue's claim to fame was simply making it possible for the common Destiny player to attempt the Thorn Bounty in Year 1. Unfortunately, it's a relic of a bygone era when 100/2 ARs almost never had two stability perks (Counterbalance and Braced Frame or Perfect Balance) and as such the recoil pattern is quite difficult to control. Persistence helps a small bit with accuracy, and the jump in damage from Glass Half Full is small but noticeable, but overall the gun just doesn't have what it needs to compete with the new crop of DoP, Arminius, and Soulstealers Claw. As far as sights go, normally I'd suggest TrueSight for the boost to aim assist, but AE already has high aim assist and you really need more zoom than it provides you, so just feel out which of the other two you like best.



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