Agonarch Rune

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Agonarch Rune
Agonarch Rune
Type Consumable
Rarity Legendary
Function Transforms into Charged Agonarch Rune when players defeat 7 different Majors which spawn daily.
Description A mysterious rune. Its aura matches those of the planetshifting Hive who periodically appear on the Dreadnaught.
How to Obtain
Acquired by Defeating hidden Taken enemies on Dreadnaught.
See also: Charged Agonarch Rune

Agonarch Rune is a Legendary consumable rune.

Obtained By

Players can obtain the Agonarch Rune by defeating hidden Taken enemies on Dreadnaught.

Used For

Agonarch Rune can be charged to become Charged Agonarch Rune. Players can charge the rune by defeating 7 different Majors scattered through out the Dreadnaught. These enemies spawn when your step on glowing white circles that appear in Dreadnaught Patrol.

Days that the seven enemies appear:

  • 1. - Gornith; Taken Knight - Tuesday
  • 2. - Purtra, The false tongue; Taken Wizard - Wednesday
  • 3. - Artaa, Hive Knight - Thursday
  • 4. - Tortured Wizard - Friday
  • 5. - Dakkadi, Taken Knight - Saturday
  • 6. - Gurroth, Taken Knight - Sunday
  • 7. - Surnon, Dark song; Taken Wizard - Monday
Standing under this summons the daily hidden Taken threat.

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