A Guardian Rises (Grimoire Card)

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A Guardian Rises (Grimoire Card)
A Guardian Rises (Grimoire Card)
Category Activities
Subcategory Story: Earth, Old Russia
Acquired by Completing the Story Mission A Guardian Rises
Grimoire Score 5
Description And so you rise again. Who you were before or how you ended up at the wall of an Old Russian spaceport is a story for another time. You have been chosen by the Traveler as one of our Guardians, gifted with the power to wield its Light in the coming battles of a timeless war. Trust this Ghost. It will guide you on your path.

A Guardian Rises is a Grimoire Card in the Activities category and Story: Earth, Old Russia subcategory. It can be obtained by completing the Story Mission A Guardian Rises.

How to Rank Up

In-game Bonus