Mote of Light

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Mote of Light
Mote of Light
Type Material
Rarity Rare
Function Give all of your equipped gear EXP.
Description A brilliant spark of the Traveler's Light
How to Obtain
Acquired by Obtained by earning Experience Points beyond the level cap and completing high-level activities.

Mote of Light is a currency used to purchase items from The Speaker. In Year 2, after the release of The Taken King, Motes of Light give EXP to all of your equipped gear.

  • Do not confuse Mote of Light, a currency, with Light, the stat.

Obtained By

  • Mote of Light is obtained by earning experience points after reaching the maximum level of 40. After reaching level 40, your character's experience bar is replaced by a Mote of Light bar. When the player earns experience points, the bar fills up. When the bar becomes full (requires 25,000 EXP), the player earns 5 Mote of Light.

Used For

  • Exchange Five(5) for a Reputation Package from any of the three(3) Faction Vendors.

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