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Crimson Days is the 2016 Valentine's day event in Destiny. It began on February 9, 2016 and ended on February 16, 2016. The event features a new 2v2 Crucible mode called Crimson Doubles. Crimson Doubles feature new mechanics, quests and rewards.

Crimson Doubles

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Crimson Doubles is a 2v2 Crucible mode that is available during the Crimson Days event. In this PvP mode, 2 players pair up with each other to battle their adversaries in the Elimination mode. It is round based and features no respawns, only revives. There is an unique buff called Broken Heart that only activates when your teammate dies.

  • Level advantages are not enabled.
  • The event lasts from February 9 to 16, 2016.
  • There is no match making.

Broken Heart

If your teammate falls to the opposition in Crimson Doubles, you will be infused with the power of Broken Heart. In your vengeful state, you will be faster on the draw and much quicker to recover from any damage you take. Use this boost to avenge your partner and keep your dreams of victory alive. The Broken Heart buff will last until you revive your fallen comrade, until the round ends, or until you fall in combat yourself.

Quest and Bounties


Crimson Bonds - Complete 7 Crucible matches in the Crimson Doubles playlist.


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Crimson GloryEarn points. Wins in the Crimson Doubles playlist are worth 3 points. Match completions are worth 1.5000200
Crimson PrecisionIn the Crimson Doubles playlist, defeat opposing Guardians with Precision headshots. Teammate Precision headshots also count.375075
Day of VictoryEarn points. Winning rounds in the Crimson Doubles playlist are worth 5. Round completions are worth 1.375075
Finish the ThoughtIn the Crimson Doubles playlist, assist or be assisted in defeating opposing Guardians. Teammate assists also count.375075
Master of ArmsIn the Crimson Doubles playlist, defeat opposing Guardians with a variety of Primary weapon types. Teammate kills also count.375075
Two Lights as OneIn the Crimson Doubles playlist, defeat opposing Guardians with any ability. Teammate ability kills also count.375075


Loot can be obtained by playing Crimson Doubles match.



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