Battle of the Twilight Gap

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The Battle of the Twilight Gap was one of the biggest battles ever faced by the City. This battle took place at the outskirts of the city, at the Twilight Gap. The Kell of the House of Kings manipulated the different Houses of the Fallen into joining forces to attack the City, with the House of Devils leading the charge. The House of Wolves would have joined the battle, had they not been caught off guard by the Reef. The ultimate goal for the Fallen was the capture of the Traveler. The City responded by organizing a force of Guardians under Vanguard Commander Saladin Forge. The machine gun Thunderlord also distinguished itself and even in the chaos of battle could be seen leaving an ocean of dead Fallen in its wake. Eventually the fort was overtaken. However, Lord Shaxx led the counterattack, and successfully routed the Fallen from the City.

In the aftermath, many Guardians were killed. Feizel Crux commemorated the fallen Guardians by forging Gjallarhorn out of their armor. Fearing for the city's ability to repel another attack, Shaxx created the Crucible to train a new generation of Guardians. The Vanguard also became more proactive in preventing the enemy from attacking the city again, and began authorizing major strikes against enemy targets.