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Age of Triumph T-Shirt can be purchased from after obtaining Wear Your Triumph by reaching Rank 7 in Age of Triumph Record Book (completing about 75% of nodes in the book).

Basic Information

Money/Cost Information

  • This is the same pricing as last year
  • The price is in line with other full-price shirts they sell on the Bungie Store
  • I am not in industry, but a bit of Internet searching reveals that the t-shirt blank it is printed on usually sells in bulk for about $5, with single-color screen printing on front and back adding about $3 for a total of $8. (Two such sites listed at the end of this post.)
  • Some portion of the profits will be donated to the Bungie Foundation (this is roughly $15/shirt depending on labor costs and whether they make any profit on customization).
  • YOU do NOT get to count this as a charitable donation on your taxes, as the Bungie Store has sold you a product at fair market value and THEY are donating THEIR profits to charity.
  • While last year they specified that 100% of profits were donated to the Bungie Foundation, THEY HAVE NOT YET MADE ANY SUCH PROMISE THIS YEAR.
  • Last year's Triumph shirt was announced just around Bungie Day (July 7), which was the same time they announced that 100% of the profits would be going to charity. That is also about halfway through the fiscal year. It is possible that at they will be able to make a similar promise this year around Bungie Day, but there is no guarantee.

About Shirt and Sizing

  • The product page states that this is printed on District Very Important Tee and Women's sizes on District Made Ladies Perfect Weight Tee.
  • These shirts are NOT "locally sourced" as has been claimed elsewhere. I have five shirts from District, including some printed on the "Very Important Tee" blank and they all state on the tag either that they were made in Honduras or India.
  • If last year's Triumphs shirt is any indication, the customization will NOT be printed on the shirt, rather it is printed on an appliqué that looks to be heat-transferred onto the shirt.
  • If you are thinking of getting it, do scroll down on the product page and have a look at the link to the Fit Guide, as this is a "slim-fit" shirt, and you only get one chance to get the size right. On the linked chart, you need to use the "Young Men's Sizes" guide (top row) for Men's Shirts sizing, and the "Ladies Sizes" guide (bottom row) for Women's Shirt sizes.
  • Here is a link for convenience to that size guide but this may break:

Additional Information