Chamber of Night (Grimoire Card)

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Chamber of Night (Grimoire Card)
Chamber of Night (Grimoire Card)
Category Activities
Subcategory Story: Moon, Ocean of Storms
Acquired by Completing the Story Mission Chamber of Night
Grimoire Score 5
Stats Tracked Completions, Kills, Deaths, Time Spent
Description "Your discovery is perhaps the greatest of our time. If the Hive were able to infect the Traveler through this long-lost shard of its battered shell, Ulan-Tan's theory may be true - all Light remains connected, across space and time. We cannot let our enemies use this power against us." - Ikora Rey

Chamber of Night is a Grimoire Card in the Activities category and Story: Moon, Ocean of Storms subcategory. It can be obtained by completing the Story Mission Chamber of Night

How to Rank Up

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