Year 3 Crucible Bounties

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A Game of RiftExercise your skills in the Rift match type.5000500
A Hunt for GloryExercise your skills in the Supremacy match type.5000500
Another NotchWin a match in the Control playlist.250050
Back To BasicsExercise your skills in the Clash match type.5000500
Best and BrightestComplete a Control match while finishing in the top 3 on your team (minimum 4 players on the team).250050
Can't StopDefeat 2 opposing Guardians in a single life.250050
Caught in the CrossfireCatch 3 enemies in the crossfire in the Rumble playlist.250050
Certified ClasherComplete a Clash match while finishing in the top 3 on your team (minimum 4 players on the team).250050
ClasherWin a match in the Clash playlist.250050
Confirming the KillDefeat opposing Guardians and collect their Crests, or have an ally collect them.250050
Control FreakCapture 5 Control zones.250050
Cover FireDefend an allied Runner against enemy fire.250050
Distinguished RumblerFinish in the top 3 in a Rumble match (minimum 4 players).250050
Focus FireDefeat 3 opposing Guardians who have already been damaged by a teammate.250050
Halt!Stop an opposing Runner.250050
Hard to KillDefeat 2 opposing Guardians in a single life.250050
Heavyweight (Crucible)Collect a Heavy Ammo crate in the Rumble playlist.250050
Hold the LineDefeat 3 opposing Guardians while near both your teammates.250050
It's ProgressAs a Runner, score at least 1 distance bonus tier.250050
Just a Game?Win a match in the Rift playlist.250050
LifelineRevive 3 teammates in the Skirmish playlist.250050
Lucky Number SevenDefeat 7 Guardians in the Clash playlist.250050
Meticulous DefenseDefeat 3 opposing Guardians in or near an allied Control zone.250050
Mine!Kill an opponent already damaged by another opponent.250050
Not TodayDeny opposing Guardians by collecting friendly Guardian Crests.250050
OverachieverWin a Clash match with an individual score of at least 1500 points.250050
SkirmisherWin a match in the Skirmish playlist.250050
Started With a SparkScore a capture for your team.250050
StonewallDefeat 5 opposing Guardians while your team holds 2 or more zones.250050
Take the MiddleCapture Zone B first in a match.250050
Taking ControlExercise your skills in the Control match type.5000500
Target Rich EnvironmentDefeat 7 Guardians in the Rumble playlist.250050
Top RifterComplete a Rift match in the top 3 on your team (minimum 4 players on the team).250050
UnfalteringDefeat 3 opposing Guardians while both your teammates are alive.250050