The Dark Below Ships

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Main article: The Dark Below
 RarityAcquired byCost
80 ProofreaderLegendaryRandomly dropped in The Crucible
Act on InstinctLegendary???
Aries AscendantLegendaryRandomly dropped in Vanguard ROC Strike Playlist
Atalanta's HuntLegendaryRandomly dropped in Vanguard Roc Strike Playlist.
Bane of Dark GodsLegendaryCrota's End Hard Mode
Belisarius DefiantLegendaryRandomly dropped in The Crucible
Dream EaterLegendaryRandomly dropped in The Crucible
Eternity to EternityLegendary???
Ether EaterLegendaryRandomly dropped in level 26 Vanguard ROC Strike Playlist or inside the small chests in the reward room of level 28 Prison of Elders
Extinction EventLegendaryVanguard ROC Strike Playlist
Gliding HermitageLegendary???
Gloriole JumpLegendaryRandomly dropped from Vanguard Roc Strike Playlist
Ketch Me If You CanLegendaryRandomly dropped in Vanguard ROC Strike Playlist.
Light in the AbyssLegendaryCrota's End
Little Light (Ship)LegendaryLegendary Engrams or Vanguard ROC Strike Playlist
NewsbreakerLegendaryRandomly dropped in The Crucible.
Obsidian SonnetLegendary???
Plasma DonorLegendary???
Ripship PardonerLegendaryRandomly dropped in Vanguard Roc Strike Playlist.
Scorpio MiracleLegendaryStrike Playlist reward
Seraphim ToasterLegendary???
Shark WhispererLegendaryDrops in The Crucible
Smokehouse SixLegendaryRandomly dropped in Iron Banner after Rank 3
Steel AtreusLegendaryRandomly dropped in The Crucible
The Dirigible IncorrigibleLegendaryRandomly dropped in The Crucible
The Fermi SolutionLegendaryRanking up Dead Orbit Faction
The Teilhard WarLegendaryRanking up Future War Cult reputation
The Visible HandLegendaryRanking up New Monarchy reputation.
Ticktock InquisitorLegendaryVanguard ROC Strike Playlist
Tiger TigerLegendaryRandomly dropped in Vanguard Roc Strike Playlist
Tropos GardenerLegendaryRandom drop for The Will Of Crota Strike or Vanguard ROC Strike Playlist.
Vintage Russian SoulLegendaryRandomly dropped in level 26 Vanguard ROC Strike Playlist.
Void PhilosopherLegendary???
Zephyr RigLegendary???