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The Crucible is the PvP or player versus player game mode where the players' level and gear advantages are normalized. In Crucible matches, Guardians of all levels and gear rarity are on the equal playing field.

There are 6 different modes in The Crucible. Each mode offers different objectives. By participating in PvP, players will not only gain experience points but also earn Crucible Marks, Crucible Gear and Crucible Reputation.

In Crucible the players' stats are normalized, the player's level advantage, Attack of your weapons and the Defense of your armor do not matter. Other weapons stats such as Impact, armor stats such as Discipline and sublcass stats do matter.

  • The other PvP mode, Iron Banner, does not normalize level and gear. Level difference and gear quality do matter in Iron Banner.

How to Earn Points


Text Displayed Points Awarded Description Bonus Streak
Assist 50 Help your teammate to get a kill No No
Kill 100 Kill an enemy player No No
Melee 10 Kill an enemy with a melee attack Yes No
Grenade 10 Kill an enemy with a Grenade Yes No
Headshot 10 Kill an enemy with precision damage Yes No
Heavy Weapon 15 Kill an enemy with Heavy Weapon Yes No
Super 25 Kill an enemy with a super Yes No
First Place Kill 50 Kill the enemy who is in the first place (most points) Yes No
5 Kill Streak 25 Kill 5 enemies without dying Yes Yes
10 Kill Streak 50 Kill 10 enemies without dying Yes Yes
15 Kill Streak 50 Kill 15 enemies without dying Yes Yes
  • Bonus points stack onto your Kill points (100).
  • Streak points are obtained by kill enemies without dying.

Class Specific

Text Displayed Points Awarded Class Required Description Bonus
Throwing Knife 10 Gunslinger Kill an enemy with Throwing Knife Yes
Self-Resurrect 25 Sunsinger Revive yourself with Radiance No
Support 15 Defender Assist your teammate to get a kill with Ward of Dawn buff No

Require Vehicles

Text Displayed Points Awarded Vehicle(s) Required Description Bonus
Pilot Bonus 25 Any Get a kill while piloting a vehicle Yes
Turret Bonus 25 Turret Get a kill with a turret Yes
Sparrow Kill 5 Sparrow Kill an enemy on Sparrow Yes
Pike Kill 50 Pike Killing an enemy on Pike Yes
Interceptor Kill 75 Interceptor Killing an enemy on Interceptor Yes
Turret Kill 50 Turret Killing an enemy on Turret Yes

Mode Specific

Earn Points in Control Mode
Earn Points in Salvage Mode


Normal Modes










Event Modes

Combined Arms

Iron Banner

Trials of Osiris

Crimson Doubles

Inferno Modes

Inferno Clash

Inferno Control



Twilight Gap

Rusted Lands

Exodus Blue

Skyshock - The Dark Below

Widow's Court - House of Wolves

Bannerfall - The Taken King

Frontier - The Taken King

Sector 618 - The Taken King

Memento - The Taken King


First Light

The Anomaly

The Cauldron - The Dark Below



Firebase Delphi

Blind Watch

Pantheon - The Dark Below

The Timekeeper - House of Wolves

Crossroads - The Taken King

Skyline - Rise of Iron



Shores of Time

Thieves' Den - House of Wolves

The Last Exit - Rise of Iron

Floating Gardens - Rise of Iron


The Burning Shrine

Vertigo - The Taken King

Icarus (Map) - Rise of Iron


Black Shield - House of Wolves

The Reef

Ghost Ship - The Taken King

The Drifter - The Taken King


Exile - The Taken King


Cathedral of Dusk - The Taken King

The Dungeons - The Taken King

PvP Tips and Tricks

Use grenades and supers as soon as they're ready, but try to hit 2-3 targets.

  • Any time spent not throwing a grenade or using a super that's ready is potential damage lost. Use them right away and aim to inflict damage on multiple enemies if possible. Easier said than done. In Control, as the enemy neutralizes and attempts to capture their second zone is a fantastic time to drop a super and wipe half the team.

When you see any red on your radar, crouch

  • There's a saying, "Slow is fast." The slower you move, the more clearly you see what's happening. When you see red, crouch and assess the situation. How many enemies are near you and how many teammates? You don't want to engage multiple enemies unless your entire team happens to be with you. When you see red, crouch to remain undetected and survive. Wait to confirm it's just one enemy, then you can more easily pick him off.

Stay close to your teammates but not within blast radius.

  • For a host of reasons, staying near your teammates is critical. Even if you're playing with randoms, you can still support them. Pick a teammate and run a wingman mission. You get assists, you don't die as much, your enemies die more, good good good. Just don't get too close. Especially in the 30 seconds following a heavy ammo drop.

"Heavy Ammo Inbound"

  • Drop whatever you're doing and sprint to the HA spawn. Because of the insane power of Heavy Ammo, try to wait for 1-2 teammates to arrive before you take it. The first one drops at the 9:00 mark in Clash/Control.

Disengage, regen, regroup.

  • As soon as you start taking damage, disengage. Find cover to regen. Hopefully some of your teammates are nearby to suppress the enemy and possibly give you assist points. If you're all alone, then run forest. Go meet up with someone friendly and continue your campaign.
  • Doorways are called fatal funnels.
  • Learn the maps. learn every angle, the Heavy Ammo spawn points, all the different routes.
  • Interceptors are good! Think unlimited rockets. You even get a big boost to your defense because the thing soaks up bullets. Use it with caution and pick off single enemies.
  • When you Crouch (O button on PS3 and 4), you ping on the radar far less. Use it when defending a base, hiding in tunnels or just generally avoiding the enemy.
  • Use Your Sparrow (If You Can) - Just ‘cause you are in a PvP match that doesn't mean you can't use your Sparrow! Well, it does on most maps, but on the Moon map First Light you are able to use your Sparrow to get around. It’s a really useful way of getting straight back in to the fight after you've died, or if you need to get out of a hairy situation quickly.
  • Always Pick Up The Special and especially Heavy Ammo - Heavy and Special ammo are VERY useful. Currently, they spawn after the first 30 seconds, then after that they spawn every 60 seconds until the game finishes. If you pick up an ammo drop, any team mates within 20 meters will also receive the ammo that was picked up, so always make sure to pick it up if you are nearby.
  • Switch Weapons On The Fly - Playing on a close quarters map and you wish you had your Shotgun but you have a Sniper rifle in your Special slot instead? Don’t worry; you are able to switch out your weapons at any time. HOWEVER, any time you switch out your Special/Heavy weapon to another weapon you will lose all of the ammo you had for that type of weapon, so be cautious!



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