Rezyl Azzir

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Rezyl Azzir was one of the first Titans and a founder of the Guardians.


Rezyl Azzir was revived by his Ghost in a time when Guardians were known only as The Risen, when Titans were not yet called Titans, and when the Last City was still an unnamed urban sprawl growing beneath the Traveler and its walls had yet to be built. As one of The Risen, Rezyl helped protect the countless refugees who flocked to the Traveler as the Dark Age gave way to the City Age. When a schism arose between The Risen, with some eschewing serving as enforcers for the City's burgeoning, oppressive Factions and deciding to take a more noble path, Rezyl fought in the ensuing Faction Wars and gained a reputation as a great leader and champion. When the Fallen first began to encroach on the City, Rezyl helped unite The Risen into the Guardians to repel them, earning further fame. He would spend the years afterwards defending the City, watching its new walls rise and wondering if humanity would ever be safe with the Darkness still out there, lurking.

Other feats undertaken by Rezyl include fending off an ambush by the House of Devils, assassinating a Kell by intentionally dying to a crew of Fallen and being revived when the Kell arrived to gloat over his body, and saving a remote settlement from a Fallen attack.