Radegast's Fury (The Dark Below)

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Radegast's Fury (The Dark Below)
Radegast's Fury (The Dark Below)
Type Rocket Launcher
Slot Heavy Weapon
Level 20
Item Level 60
Rarity Legendary
Damage Type Random Elemental
Attack 272-331
Blast Radius 96
Rate of Fire 4
Velocity 70
Stability 35
Reload 62
Magazine 1
Zoom 20
Recoil 79
Equip Speed 35
Aim Assist 23
Acquired by Purchased from Iron Banner Vendor
Vendor Iron Banner Vendor
Cost 11500 Glimmer
Requirement Iron Banner Rank 4
Description A rocket launcher forged in fire by the Lords of the Iron Banner.

Radegast's Fury is a level 20 Legendary Rocket Launcher. Radegast's Fury can be purchased from Iron Banner Vendor for 11500 Glimmer if the player is either rank 4 with Iron Banner.



Special Perks

Optional Perks

Damage Upgrades

Tips and Tricks

  • Note that you will not obtain any Ascendant Energy from dismantling Iron Banner Weapons.

Reforge Suggestions

See also: Reforge

Arc / Hard Launch / Surplus / Field Scout / Clown Cartridge - This guy by default only has a one round magazine. So I opted for Field Scout and Clown cartridge to get a 2 sometimes 3 round magazine. And in the same vein, I chose Surplus, for maximum amount of rockets per heavy ammo drop. You get a rocket, and you get a rocket, everyone gets a rocket! I chose Arc damage since I don't have any Arc heavy Weapons. Clown Cartridge DOES stack with Tripod, giving you a potential total of 4 rounds a magazine, if you'd rather go for that over surplus


Radegast's Fury is a reference to the Slavic god of the same name, who was a god of hospitality, fertility, crops, the Sun, and war.