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Effect +2 Agility

Lightweight is a weapon perk.

Effect: +2 Agility

  • Lightweight perk does not add a flat amount of agility. When you have higher agility, Lightweight increases your movement speed more. At 1 agility, you move 3.2% faster, at medium agility you move 5.6% faster, at maximum agility you move 8.4% faster.


77 Wizard (Year 1), A.1F19X-Ryl, Abyss Defiant (Year 1), Astral Horizon, Astral Horizon III, Crusader I, Crypt Dweller SR1, Cryptic Dragon (Year 1), Grim Citizen III (Year 1), Hex Caster ARC (Year 1), Invisible Hand M7, MIDA Multi-Tool (Year 1), Murmur, No Land Beyond (Year 1), Proxima Centauri II, SUROS Regime (Year 1), Swordbreaker (Year 1), The Aries Nemesis X4, The Chance, The Crash, The Last Rebellion, Universal Remote (Year 1), Vex Mythoclast (Year 1), Wolfborne Oath

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