Judgment VI

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Judgment VI
Judgment VI
Type Shotgun
Slot Special Weapon
Level 20
Item Level 60
Rarity Legendary
Damage Type Random Elemental
Attack 272-331
Impact 58
Rate of Fire 14
Range 21
Stability 33
Reload 46
Magazine 4
Zoom 12
Recoil 77
Equip Speed 54
Aim Assist 37
Sights Linear Compensator, Accurized Ballistics, Aggressive Ballistics
Perk 1 Return to Sender
Perk 2 Final Round
Optional Perks Quickdraw, Snapshot, Single Point Sling
Acquired by Purchased from New Monarchy Vendor
Vendor New Monarchy Vendor
Cost 150 Crucible Marks, 1 Crucible Commendation
Requirement New Monarchy Rank 3
Description Executor-issued close quarters weapon for loyal supporters of the New Monarchy.

Judgment VI is a level 20 Legendary Shotgun. Judgment VI purchased from the New Monarchy Vendor for 150 Crucible Marks and 1 Crucible Commendation if the player is at least Rank 3 with New Monarchy.



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After the release of The Dark Below on 12/9/2014, Judgment VI's Attack was increased from 248-300 to 272-331.