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Weapons - guns that players use to damage their enemies. There are 8 different types of weapons divided into 3 categories, primary, special and heavy. Players can equip 1 weapon in each category.

Armor - equipment that increases the defense, stats and light of the player. Players can equip Armor in 5 slots. Helmet, Chest Armor, Gauntlets, Leg Armor, and Class Armor.

Class Armor - different type of class armor for each class. Marks for Titan, Cloaks for Hunter and Bonds for Warlock. In Year 1, class armor was purely cosmetic.

  • As of Year 2, Class Armor offer stats and other effects.

Ghost Shells - cosmetic items that change the looks of your Ghosts.

  • As of Year 2, new Ghost Shells have unique effects and stat bonuses.

Artifacts - special items introduced in The Taken King and Year 2. These items provide Defense and other bonuses.

Vehicles - ride-able machines players can use to travel faster. Sparrows are fast and maneuverable personal vehicles. Players can upgrade their stats by equipping better ones.

Sparrow Horns - honked while riding a Sparrow. Acquired in Sparrow Racing League.

Ships - flying machines used to travel between various planets. Ships are only cosmetic, they offer no increased stats or other in-game bonuses.

Shaders - cosmetic items that change the looks of your Armor by giving them different styles and coloration.

Emblems - cosmetic items that show up on your profiles.

Emotes - cosmetic actions activated by the left arrow key on the dpad.


Materials - items used to upgrade Weapons and Armor. Players can collect materials from chests and objects scattered across Destiny or purchase them from vendors.

Consumables - items used to grant in-game bonuses for a short time. Most consumables are 1-time used items. These items are purchased from Vendors or dropped from enemies.

Mission Items - items obtained or used in missions and quests.

Bounties - item representations of Bounties obtained from Bounty Tracker, Eris Morn and other NPCs. Players can have 8 bounties at a time. Completed bounties can be turned into their corresponding NPCs.

Currencies - money and items that are used to purchase valuable weapons, armor and other items.

Engrams - unidentified items dropped by enemies or awarded after completing strikes and missions. Players can bring them to Cryptarch to decipher them and obtain weapons, armor and other items.

Mystery Bags - has random rewards. Acquired from Eververse Trading Company.

Ornaments - Changes the looks of your Weapons and Armor.