Hunger of Crota (Year 3)

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Hunger of Crota (Year 3)
Hunger of Crota (Year 3)
Year 3
Type Rocket Launcher
Slot Primary Weapon
Level  ??
Rarity Legendary
Damage Type Solar
Attack 365–400
Blast Radius 66–80
Rate of Fire 11
Velocity 72–90
Stability 53–62
Reload 71
Magazine 2
Zoom 20
Recoil 78–98
Equip Speed 51
Aim Assist 35–50
Acquired by Crota's End (Age of Triumph)
Description Would you defy Me? I am the eater of hope.
See also: Hunger of Crota (Year 1)

Hunger of Crota (Year 3) is a level ?? Legendary Rocket Launcher. It can be dropped from Crota's End (Age of Triumph).


Column 1

  • Solar Damage - This weapon causes Solar Damage.
  • Hive Disruptor - Increase damage to Hive Majors.
  • Infuse - Consume a more powerful Weapon to boost the Attack value of this Weapon.

Column 2

  • Soft Launch - Increased Recoil. Boost to Velocity.
  • Linear Compensator - More predictable recoil. Slight boost to Velocity and decrease to Blast Radius.
  • Aggressive Launch - More predictable recoil. Enhanced Blast Radius. Reduced Velocity and more recoil.

Column 3

  • Tracking - Shells fired from this weapon track their targets

Column 4

Column 5

  • Cluster Bomb - Rockets create cluster bombs when they detonate.

Tips and Tricks


Pros and Cons

  • Pros - Above average RoF. High velocity and reload speed.
  • Neutral - Average mag size.
  • Cons - Low blast radius and inventory.

Recommended Perks


From the same archetype as the old Iron Banner's Tormod's Bellows, Hunger of Crota has a couple things that will probably turn people off. The first is that it can't get either Tripod or Grenades and Horseshoes, and the second is that the inventory size is low, sitting at 20. That being said, it does have Tracking and Clusterbombs, which are the distant second choice options to both of those, so it can at least be a little fun. In the barrel slot you'll choose Aggressive Launch for a boost to its low blast radius, and then Heavy Payload in the middle column for a second bump. I think this gun has more of a place in PvE than PvP, truthfully, but I could see it being used as a good weapon for Combined Arms or trolling control points.