Frontier (Grimoire Card)

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Frontier (Grimoire Card)
Frontier (Grimoire Card)
Category Activities
Subcategory Crucible Arenas
Acquired by  ??
Grimoire Score 5
Description ARENA DESIGNATION: Frontier

LOCATION: City Perimeter, Earth

This lookout station at the edge of the City's borders was decommissioned in the face of increasing Fallen attacks shortly before the Battle of Twilight Gap.

Refitting of the station post-battle was moth-balled when Lord Shaxx found that, amongst the dirt, dust, and rusting metal, the station was prime for live fire exercises. The runway layout of Frontier station makes it a perfect course to train for the rising craze of Rift-based assault.

Frontier is a Grimoire Card in the Activities category and Crucible Arenas subcategory. It can be obtained by ???

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