Eyes of the Kell

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Eyes of the Kell
Eyes of the Kell
Type Helmet
Class Hunter
Level 20
Item Level 60
Rarity Legendary
Defense 280-372
Light  ??
Discipline  ??
Strength  ??
Intellect  ??
Perk 1 Light the Blade
Perk 2 Inverse Shadow
Perk 3 Vex Striker
Description A Kell's authority is like that of a sniper. You can't see everything - but so long as they believe you can...
Eyes of the Kell is a level 20 Legendary Helmet. Eyes of the Kell can be acquired in The Prison of Elders.


Perk 1:

Perk 2:

Perk 3:

Defense Upgrades:

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