Exodus Plate

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Exodus Plate
Exodus Plate
Type Chest Armor
Class Titan
Level 20
Item Level 60
Rarity Legendary
Defense 372-463
Light 24-33
Discipline 61
Strength 66
Perk 1 Fusion Rifle Ammo
Perk 2 Auto Rifle Ammo
Acquired by Purchased from Dead Orbit Vendor
Vendor Dead Orbit Vendor
Cost 75 Crucible Marks, 1 Crucible Commendation
Requirement Dead Orbit Rank 2
Description Humanity has been caged. We will break the bars.

Exodus Plate is a level 20 Legendary Titan Chest Armor. Exodus Plate can be purchased from Dead Orbit Vendor for 75 Crucible Marks and 1 Crucible Commendation if the player is at least Rank 2 with Dead Orbit.


Perk 1:

Perk 2:

Defense Upgrades:

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