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The Dreadnaught is a massive Hive ship introduced in The Taken King expansion. It serves as a new location and patrol area that players can explore. The Dreadaught is controlled by Oryx and orbits Saturn. Unlike other planetary locations, players cannot use their sparrows inside the Dreadnaught.


A Scent is Key chest

Key of Wyrding chest - in the side room.

The Founts

Requires Charged Agonarch Rune switch

Hull Breach

Skyburners Command Console - Skyburners Command Beacon

Key of Eir chest in tunnel area

A dial that requires Hullsinger Rune in the Tunnel system

Key of Xol chest in the side room, not in the tunnel system

Key of Ur chest in the side room

Hall of Souls

Key of Akka chest

Court of Oryx

Taken Corruption Chest - players take damage over time when attempting to open the chest

Dantalion Exodus VI

2 People activate it at the same time opens the door. It leads to a Ultra Knight that drops Silent Scream emblem.


From Court of Oryx, use the Ghost to see invisible platforms to reach Trenchway-3. Players can find various Calcified Fragments here.

Map of Dreadnaught

Dreadnaught chest and other activities map by MyxoDv
Map of Dreadnaught created by VoltronSky


A massive Hive Dreadnaught ship looms in the rings of Saturn. Oryx, The Taken King has arrived in our solar system, bringing with him a corrupted army to exact revenge on the Guardians who destroyed his son Crota, and to consume our worlds. Arm yourself with newfound abilities, weapons, and gear. Defeat the Taken hordes. Make your way aboard the Dreadnaught, and face Oryx himself within his inner sanctum.

Concept Art

Dreadnaught concept1.jpgDreadnaught concept2.jpgDreadnaught concept3.jpgDreadnaught concept4.jpg

In-game Art

Dreadnaught ingame1.jpgDreadnaught ingame2.jpgDreadnaught ingame3.jpgDreadnaught ingame4.jpgDreadnaught ingame5.jpg

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